Lifesite News and Church Militant Wrong AGAIN about Pope Francis!

Pope Pius VII and Cardinal Caprara, by Jacques-Louis David

“Our friends at Church Dilettante were all jittery last month (not with coffee but anticipation) at the news that there would be a conference in Paris on how to depose a pope. Canon lawyers, the article by Christine Niles gushed, would be there! You know, actual canon lawyers, who might advise on how to get rid of that pesky Bergoglio. Two people scheduled to speak at the conference even signed a letter critiquing Amoris Laetitia! Another supported the dubia!   Turns out, it was nothing of the kind, so you can put another check in the overstuffed “wrong again” column for LSD (Lifesite News)  and Dilettante (Church Militant).” –Scott Eric Alt

Read full article here: “Oh, That Conference on Deposing a Pope: Church Militant Had It Wrong. And LifeSiteNews.” by Scott Eric Alt


One thought on “Lifesite News and Church Militant Wrong AGAIN about Pope Francis!”

  1. Oh dear! Lifesite news should stick with their pro-life work, instead of trying to cause a split in the Church.

    Do they forget that St. John Paul II kissed Qur’ans, prayed in synagogues, kissed the rings of Anglican “bishops,” allowed altar girls? They didn’t have an agenda back then, as far as I can remember. They pride themselves on “Accuracy in content…” But this isn’t true. I have, on numerous occasions had to go to the original source in order to find the truth of a given subject! ” Valid corrections are always welcome” they say, but when I politely tried to correct them on an extremely important issue… I was banned! They don’t really want to know the truth. 😦

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