Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Says He Sees “No Contradictions” Between His and Pope Francis’ Pontificates.

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12 September, 2016 – In a new collection of interviews, Pope emeritus Benedict XVI expressed his joy with the pontificate of Pope Francis. This is in direct contradiction to many outspoken Catholics who have decided for themselves that Pope Benedict XVI must be very unhappy with Pope Francis. Pope emeritus Benedict also puts to rest the conspiracy theories that he was forced against his will to retire.  Here are some of the words spoken by Pope emeritus Benedict XVI about the pontificate of Pope Francis and his resignation:

“Pope emeritus Benedict XVI has said he is satisfied with the papacy of Pope Francis and sees ‘no contradictions’ between their pontificates.”

“Yes, there is suddenly a new freshness in the Church, a new joy, a new charisma that addresses the people, which is something beautiful. Many are thankful that the new Pope now approaches them in a new style. The Pope is the Pope, it doesn’t matter who it is.’ “

“He (Pope Benedict)  sees ‘no breach anywhere’ between his pontificate and that of his successor. New accents yes, but no contradictions.  He is a man of practical reform. And that is the courage with which he addresses problems and searches for solutions.’ “

“Benedict praised Francis’ ‘direct affection for the people. That is very important. He is definitely a man of reflection. And a thoughtful person, but at the same time someone who is used to always being with people,’ the emeritus Pope said. ‘And perhaps I was actually not with the people enough.’ ”

“For Benedict, Francis’ election was a ‘big surprise.’ He saw that the new Pope ‘spoke on one side with God and on the other side with the people. I was really glad to see that. And happy.’  He said he had previously not experienced the warmth and ‘very personal affection’ of Archbishop Bergoglio.  ‘That was a surprise for me!’ Benedict recollected.”

“Benedict XVI rejected as ‘total nonsense’ conspiracy theories that he resigned due to extortion or conspiracy. There was no practical pressure. ‘You may never yield to coercion. You may not flee in the moment of the storm, but must withstand,’ he said. ‘You can only step back if nobody is calling for it. And nobody demanded it in my day. Nobody. It was clear to me that I had to do it and that this was the right moment. It was a complete surprise for everyone.’ ”

Read the whole article here:  CNA: Pope Benedict Happy to See Francis’ New Joy

Source: Catholic News Agency


28 thoughts on “Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Says He Sees “No Contradictions” Between His and Pope Francis’ Pontificates.”

      1. No it isn’t fake news. Go ahead and check it out. After you have done that and know the truth then stop reading the articles that you read now

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    1. And what about his many students who visit him and give interviews, saying how much he is enjoying retirement. Are they like Benedict liars too?

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      1. Your entire article quotes Pope Emeritus Benedict in the third person. So, who is the source of these supposed direct quotations – a Pope Francis liaison, for instance? Who? If you’re going to present Pope Benedict as observing “no breach” between his and his ‘successor’s’ pontificates, then why don’t the quotations begin with “I…” instead of “He (Pope Benedict)”?

        Conspiracy websites? Maybe. Yours, though? Stale kool-aid for loons and kooks. Drink up, folks.


    1. Yes he certainly did, Michael. He has told too many people of his absolute certainty that he did the right thing. He also says that Francis is doing a great job.

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    2. The new book which contains what is written above is called “Pope emeritus Benedict XVI, Last Testament: In His Own Words”. It is a compilation of Pope Benedict’s responses to interviews over the years. There’s nobody who can give a better opinion of Pope Benedict’s own words than Pope Benedict himself!

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    1. Seems too pat? Possibly because you have been reading fake news reports. I do my research and try to undo the many distorted articles by going to the original source. It’s absolutely disgusting what is happening!

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    2. Pope Benedict himself praised the pontificate of Pope Francis in glowing terms. Considering the book these quotes came from are the words of Pope Benedict himself, if, as you say, “This carte blanche approval of Pope Francis just seems too pat,” then you are implying that Pope Benedict lied. I don’t believe that, and I don’t think you do either.

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  1. “Fake news” seems to be the comment du jour. There seems to be doubt about the source of these words and how they came to be. The responses by Pope emeritus Benedict XVI are from a series of interviews by Vatican journalist Peter Seewald. This is the fourth of a series of books on Pope Benedict’s responses.

    Here is an excerpt of the article about it linked below,


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  2. Pope Emeritus has ALWAYS been a truth-teller!

    With Pope Francis one has to wait for ‘the second shoe to drop” (just recently he stated that when writing AL he never had the intention of teaching that divorced and civilly remarried couples could receive the Sacraments if they continue to live sexually as if married!). That is really an answer to the dubia, a little late, but adequate enough!
    Everything Pope Francis does is with the intent of engaging with the people addressed. That’s why he shocks so many people, not unlike Our Lord Himself (NOW LOOK WHAT HE’S DOING, EATING WITH PUBLICANS AND TALKING TO ADULTERERS, AND HEALING ON THE SABBATH)
    I do have reservations on some of his appointments WHO TAKE WHAT HE SAYS FURTHER THAN WHAT HE INTENDS (except he does not correct them publicly, and one can see how they would do that on the principle of Aquinas: whatever is received is received in the manner of the receiver — and NOT the speaker); and I DO think he can be naïve in trusting Communists & others…just as Paul VI did with Communist Hungary.

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  3. Benedict is a Vatican 2 leftover who ushered in this nightmare, they both need to go. I’d hate God if I was him with the nightmare he enabled.


    1. You are judging God Peckerwood!

      Pope Boniface VIII issued a papal document, Unam Sanctam, in 1302, on the authority of the Church and of the Pope.

      8. But this authority, even though it may be given to a man, and may be exercised by a man, is not human, but rather divine [power], having been given by the divine mouth [of Christ] to Peter, and to him as well as to his successors, by [Christ] Himself, [that is, to him] whom He had disclosed to be the firm rock, just as the Lord said to Peter himself: “Whatever you shall bind,” [Matthew 16:19] etc. Therefore, whoever resists this authority, such as it has been ordain by God, resists the ordination of God. [Romans 13:2] ….

      9. Moreover, that every human creature is to be subject to the Roman pontiff, we declare, we state, we define, and we pronounce to be entirely from the necessity of salvation.

      The same document, Unam Sanctam, was approved by the Fifth Lateran Council under Pope Leo X in 1516:

      “And since it arises from the necessity of salvation that all the faithful of Christ are to be subject to the Roman Pontiff, just as we are taught by the testimony of the divine Scriptures and of the holy Fathers, and as is declared by the Constitution of Pope Boniface VIII of happy memory, which begins ‘Unam Sanctam,’ for the salvation of the souls of the same faithful, and by the supreme authority of the Roman pontiff and of this holy See, and by the unity and power of the Church, his spouse, the same Constitution, being approved by the sacred Council, we renew and approve.” (Pope Leo X, Fifth Lateran Council, Session 11, 19 December 1516)

      “7. This gift of truth and never-failing faith was therefore divinely conferred on Peter and his successors in this See so that they might discharge their exalted office for the salvation of all, and so that the whole flock of Christ might be kept away by them from the poisonous food of error and be nourished with the sustenance of heavenly doctrine.” [First Vatican Council]

      Whosoever claims that the faith of the Pope has failed commits the sin of formal heresy, by contradicting the infallible teaching of the First Vatican Council, and the sin of formal schism, by rejecting the authority of the Pope as taught by the Fifth Lateran Council and Unam Sanctam.

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    2. You said, “They both need to go” as if you know better than the cardinals who elected him to the Seat of Peter. Be careful, you are speaking about the office of the papacy as if it is only like a government political institution and not something more. A pope IS something more, according to dogmatic constitution of the Church. The office of the Seat of Peter is imbued with the charism of Christ and the pope is not only a man, but in his primacy, the actual presence of Christ in the world today, succeeding the first Peter who represented Christ on earth. Here is some information from the first Vatican Council,

      “…but We reach here, perhaps, the nerve center of all teaching about the primacy. It is what most brings out the fact that we are faced with a ‘mystery of faith’ and not with ‘an organizational factor’ in the Church ascertainable by the natural light of human reason. But it also brings us to take our stance on what is the ultimate basis of the whole mystery, a basis which is centered on Christ himself. The basis of the primacy is, on the one hand, its historical institution be Christ, but on the other it is the actual presence today of Christ in the primatial acts of the Pope. ‘The relation of the primacy to Christ is not only historical-causal, but also actual-causal, for in the activity of the Pope Christ himself is audible and visible. Of the Pope it can truly be said: he acts in the person of Christ.'[42]”

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  4. When Pope Benedict was elected, I was very depressed because I did not want him to be the pope. After I read Deus est Caritas, I saw him in a completely different way. He was (and still is) a great theologian who loves learning and teaching. I was able to see the gentle man. He was very different than John Paul II. I never believed the gossip that he was at odds with Francis. Both men are deeply spiritual yet so diverse. I love Pope Francis and I pray for him. I am so upset with people who seem to hate him and say such derogatory things about him. Even though Cardinal Ratzinger wasn’t my choice to be pope, he became the pope and I gave him the respect he deserved. I had to see beyond my “ideology” to accept the purpose he served to the church. I still am convinced he is a gentle shepherd and that the papacy wasn’t his best role, but he did the best and in the long run served a purpose in the swinging of the pendulum that keeps the church in balance. Shame on those who hate.

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    1. The retired pontiff spends his days in prayer and contemplation now. His mission, he says, is to pray for the Pope and the Church. God Bless him.

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    1. You said, “Nice April Fools joke.” I don’t know if you’re referring to another commentator or the article itself, so I’ll address this as if you’re referring to the article itself.

      To call the article content a joke is to call the words of Pope emeritus Benedict XVI a joke. Since his words reflect his own thoughts and opinions, you are actually calling him – the representative of Christ on earth – a joke.

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